XROR.IO – Consumption readings

The Consumption Readings application enables remote reading of required commodities in the IoT environment – these are mostly readings of water, gas and electricity
Basic scheme of the Consumption readings application

The Consumption Readings application is based on the universal software platform for IoT Xfor.IO, the main purpose of which is the registration, collection and basic visualization of data from IoT sensors, regardless of the used IoT infrastructure and sensor manufacturer.by

The solution is very simple. The reading sensor sends information about the current reading of the given commodity at regular intervals. This information is recorded within Xfor.IO and then displayed in the Consumption Readings application layer.

Advanteges of the solution

“online” data acquisition

Xfor.IO allows you to set the reading sensor so that data is sent at regular intervals as needed.

Remote reading

No physical presence is required for the reading needs – a significant reduction in human resources costs

Preventive inspections

Based on information from sensors, it is possible to easily and quickly identify a potential problem or respond to possible problems in the future

Sensors do not need “electricity”

The sensors are powered by internal batteries, which, depending on the method of use, last several years

Easy installation of sensors

Installation of the sensor is very simple, you do not need any cables


The whole system is intuitive, it can be controlled by anyone and from anywhere


Power readings, like the entire Xfor.IO, emphasize secure communication between the sensor and the application server. At the same time, by defining access, it allows working with the application so that access to data is allowed only to authorized persons