XFOR.IO – Application server for IoT

Basic scheme of XFOR.IO

Xfor.IO is a universal software platform for IoT, whose main purpose is the registration, collection and basic visualization of data from IoT sensors, regardless of the used IoT infrastructure and sensor manufacturer.

Basic characteristics

API interface

Using the rest API interface, Xfor.IO can be connected to the existing infrastructure, or write your own applications

Basic visualization

At the basic level, the data are displayed in the form of tables and graphs

Sensor registration and management

Xfor.IO enables the registration and management of IoT sensors, regardless of the IoT infrastructure used and their manufacturer

Receiving messages

After receiving the message from the IoT sensor, it will be decoded according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the measured quantities will be stored according to the definition

Sending messages

If the sensor and the infrastructure used allow it, data that is typically used for configuration can be sent to the device. In general, it can be the value of the frequency of sent messages, the definition of alarm limit values and the like

Records of notifications and alarms

Alarms are an important part of Xfor.IO. A common alarm is, for example, a drop in voltage on a device or a device that does not respond (probably a fault). Furthermore, it can be exceeding a defined threshold value or an alarm directly defined by the device. Each alarm can be notified by email or SMS to the responsible persons


Xfor.IO emphasizes secure communication between the sensor and the application server. At the same time, by defining access, it allows working with the application server so that access to data is allowed only to authorized persons