Used  Sensors

  • The sensors are the building block of an IoT network.
  • They observe and measure a number of different qualities. The battery can supply the sensor with energy for a period of up to several years.

The sensors are the building block of any IoT network. They ensure the collection and measurement of various qualities, but this is certainly not their greatest asset. Sensors for LoRaWAN literally boast with the possibility of a battery-powered energy supply. For most applications, the life expectancy is between five and ten years.

The sensors are produced by the company Solidus Tech s.r.o., which is very experienced in developing and producing sensors. Nowadays, the company has a large number of products such as thermometers, manometers, pluviometers, barometers, photometers, contact sensors, impulse counters for smart-metering, reding units for water meters, ultrasound sensors of the water surface level and flood sensors.

At the same time, new sensors depending on the individual requirements of final customers are continuously being built.

Mini UNI for remote reading of water meters SENSUS

Mini UNI – impulse counter with reading unit. A solution intended for a remote reading of water meters SENSUS. Compatible with water meters SENSUS 420 and 612.

Mini UNI with float switch

Mini UNI – a contact intended for the switch detection. This solution includes a float switch, which connects the contact based on the water surface elevation.

Mini UNI thermometer for food industry

Mini UNI thermometer for food industry  intended for environments, where the food soundness of the device is particularly important.

Mini UNI with magnetic door contact

Mini UNI  with magnetic door contact – intended for monitoring of opened/closed doors and windows. The customer is notified whenever a change of state occurs

Mini UNI with industrial thermometer and hygrometer

Mini UNI with industrial thermometer and hygrometer– intended for measuring temperature and relative humidity. Temperature is measured within the range from –25°C to 85°C and humidity from 0 – 99 % RV.

Mini UNI with ultrasound sensor

Mini UNI with ultrasound sensor – a sensor intended for measuring distance using ultrasound waves suitable for measuring the water surface elevation. Measures within the range of 20 – 765 cm.

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