The infrastructure is another building block of theIoT technology, thanks to which the sensors and the server are able to communicate bilaterally. The open standard LoRaWAN has now made it possible to offer economically favourable solutions for a quick implementation of the IoT in various fields of activity.

The hiDeSign s.r.o. and Solidus Tech s.r.o. companies have developed and now offer their very own comprehensive solution. The basis for that solution is the  Network Server, hereinafter referred to asNS, whose task is to coordinate the communication between the sensor, the gateway, hereinafter referred to as GW, and the application.

Nowadays, there is a large number of NS based on open source solutions, which are freely accessible within the LoRa alliance. However, the solution based on the open source platform does not work with100% reliability and there is no service support. We have been lacking a professional solution on the market, a solution which would reflect and emphasize the current needs of the customers. That is why we have agreed on implementing the LoRaWAN infrastructure as our own solution which works over and outside of  Windows servers. A unique NS has fulfilling all criteria according to the LoRaWAN specification along with requirements of a professional solution of the current time has thus come into existence.

An integral part of the infrastructure are gateways(GW) communicating with the NS of the ASIXWAN system. A GW alone can cover an area with approx. 10 km radius. The LoRa GW can spread the signal inside the buildings, too, where the cover radius is approximately equal to 1,5 km, depending on the structure of the building. Thanks to the properties of the LoRa signal propagation, even larger cities or territorial units can be covered using only a small number of GW, thus providing for a robust IoT infrastructure with low investment and operation expenses.

The NS and the GW communicate with one another using the internet, thus, from the perspective of the GW field installation, only the energy supplement and internet connectivity need to be provided. The placement of the GW is not critical and high-rise buildings, public buildings in the area etc. can therefore be taken advantage of. Within a short period of time, a large area of interest can be covered.

AsixWAN – Autonomous network of the Internet of Things

The product AsixWAN is a complex solution of an independent IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem, which meets the criteria of the LoRaWAN standard. It is based on a star-shaped topology of gateways, which are connected via the central unit. It covers four fundamental areas: the sensors, the infrastructure, the applications and the safety.


The name LoRa describes the long range transfer of information. Large distances can be overcome using a modulation with a dispersed spectrum rozprostřeným spektrem, which can be used with a comparatively small transfer speed. During the demodulation, a signal can be detected, which lies approximately 20dB lower than the signal noise. The distance range of LoRa depends on the transfer speed as well. In general – the faster the transfer, the shorter the distance.

I’m interested in infrastructure , what are my options?


The key supply

The NS key-supply includes the installation into the corporate environment, placing of the GW and sensors, while the whole eco-system becomes the property of the customer.

An advantage of this solution is its considerable safety in terms of transferred and saved data. The whole ASIXWAN system can be operated completely using the infrastructure of the customer, which prevents the data from leaving their own intranet environment. The customer then may choose from several types of the service agreement which safeguards a smooth and reliable operation of the  ASIXWAN infrastructure.


Hiring the virtual Network Server

In this model, the NS is operated within the ASIXWAN cloud and the customer connects the purchased GW to the hired NS. The customers have a full integration and administration interface at their disposal, as was the case before, while in the case of the hired solution, the data are saved in the ASIXWAN cloud, which ensures a high degree of accessibility. The data transport from GW to NS is always encrypted, so that no falsification or misuse can occur.

The hire of NS is advantageous in terms of investitionload during the initial phase of the LoRaWAN infrastructure, because there is no investition into the hardware part of NS. The hire itself contains a regular NS maintenance and covers the licence fees related to the purchase of the operation system.

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