In the world of IoT, applications are an efficient way of giving everything an order and meaning. A well created application, custom-tailored to your demands and needs, is what allows you to spare as much time as possible.

In the world of IoT, not only sensors and infrastructure responsible for measuring and checking are of great importance, an application breathes new life into the whole solution.  The life cycle of the whole solution begins with the device, which regularly monitors the measured qualities or generates alarm states whenever unexpected conditions arise.  All this is transferred into the application using the infrastructure of the system. The application collects and processes data. The range of services provided by the devices are in most cases given by the type of the device. There would therefore be one range for a water meter or an electrometer and a different one for an attendance RFID system.

The applications display data in tables and graphs, enable the user to export or automatically integrate them into the customer’s system. They notify those whom it may concern about the system states etc.

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